Welcome to the changelog for the latest updates on our plugin! In this section, you'll find detailed information about the newest features, enhancements, and bug fixes that have been implemented.


Bug fixes

If you are one of the users who have problems with automatic updates, please download the updated .zip file from your account and upload it manually.

Some users could not update automatically because their server was not trusted by our security system.

Some users could not activate their license because our security system blocked them.

The latest version of WordPress added a security system that blocked compressed plugins with MAC.


Bug fixes

It was an emergency update to fix some bugs.

Button for web visitors to disable animations, this to comply with the WCAG 2.3.3

In some cases the plugin did not allow to remove it.

Some servers were blacklisted by the firewall security system, which blocked access and caused fatal errors when activating or deactivating the license.

Due to the security system of the firewall, in some cases it did not allow to activate the license.


On hover animations

The biggest change in this version is that on hover animations have arrived and are compatible with on scroll animations.

The on hover animations have arrived, they are activated when you hover the cursor over the element. The classes can be searched with fb-hover–

You can search Fancy Animations classes in the free plugin Yabe Open Source – Bricks Plain Classes:

Now the accessibility tree is visible even if the element is hidden and the animation on scroll is not triggered.

Animations now work much better in Safari, flicker bugs have been fixed and transitions are now displayed smoother.


First feedback from users

Working on the first user comments and adding other on scroll animations.

Option in the administration so that the animations are shown only once when the page is loaded, and not every time the scroll is repeated.

Blur and Flicker animations have been added.

The license key will not be visible in the plugin administration when you enter

Minor code changes to improve compatibility when combining animations.