Inside the builder (Enable/disable)

The animations are disabled by default in the Bricks editor so that you can work more efficiently, and the animations do not disrupt your workflow.

In the top menu of the editor, you can find the F/A button to enable/disable animations within the editor.

You can toggle the F/A button enable/disable to restart the animations while you are working and not have to scroll.

I recommend that you first focus on the structure and design and add animations at the end.

If you add new animations to the page, after saving it takes 2 seconds to generate the CSS.

If you are using ACSS make sure you have version 2.7 or higher for best compatibility.

.fb-anim--fade-in combines very well with all animations.

Activate and deactivate the A/F button in the editor to restart the animation.

Animations do not work with position fixed elements.